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As a professional Farrier for over seven years this is the first product I have found that keeps feet dry and doesn’t pack up in a horses foot like shavings.  This bedding is superb for horses with laminitis, navicular and thin soles.  Not only does it provide a great cushion for your horse it is also dust free and hypoallergenic.  All around it is an unbelievable product.

Earl Ellerbee III
Triple E. Farrier Service


“ I see Airlite Bedding as the wave of the future”. It’s more absorbent than conventional bedding, has helped reduce our instances of fungus causing thrush and it’s virtually dust free, thereby reducing respiratory problems.  It’s a cleaner product and more environmentally friendly than anything we’ve used in the past.

Van Murrell, Owner/Manager

Enclosed Barns/ Arabians

“We have changed our barn shavings from traditional pine to Airlite’s Animal Bedding.  This has noticeably cut down on the dust in the air giving our new Arabian foals a healthier environment.”

Sandra DeShazer
DeShazer Arabians


We have been using Airlite for several years now and feel it is superior compared to other traditional bedding materials.  We especially like it for our foaling mares and simply can not be without it for our newborn foals and youngsters!

Chase Arabians

Transporting and Trailering

What a wonderful product!  We purchased some Airlite llama cut bedding and used it for the first time on a 12 hour trip with three suri llamas, who tend to get really grungy during travel. When we arrived at the event, our llamas were still clean.  It took about five minutes with each llama using our grooming wand and they were ready to go!  This is the best product we found for travel or stalling at events.

Dale and Kathy Peterson

Southland Llamas