Small Animal Bedding

Cavy (guinea pig), Hamsters, Rabbits, Mink, Ferrets, Reptiles, Quail, Turkey, Chickens,  Birds and Raptors.

Large Commercial Farms, Small Urban Farms, Breeders, Veterinary and Quarantine situations, Shows and Expos

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Airlite Small Animal Bedding in use at the small animal store, Gina’s Backyard, St. Augustine, FL

“As a successful small business owner, I am conscious of every penny needed to maintain my store animals. Their health as well as a clean environment is crucial for the success of my business. Since the introduction of Airlite, I have noticed a huge improvement in the overall cleanliness of my cages…there is no smell between bedding changes and because I am able to go longer between changes, I am saving money. The animal’s environment is dry and healthy and the dust from the bedding is noticeably reduced. I have never used a better bedding product! Pine and cedar do not even come close to Airlite.”

Gina of Gina’s Backyard, St. Augustine, FL

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