While composting Airlite Bedding using "Best Practices", you can expect the following:

Composting doesn't just help your garden, but also the environment. Without compost, soil is dead, inert mineral dust. Composting is not only essential for healthy plants and soil, but it can also remove 20-50% from your household waste stream, reducing the burden on landfills while replenishing your lawn, trees, houseplants, or garden. Cardboard "bedding" is essentially the main component of the "habitat" in a worm or compost bin. Cardboard bedding materials tend to be carbon rich and absorbent, so they are important for helping to maintain balance in the bin.  Airlite corrugated cardboard pieces holds moisture better than any other material. The addition of chopped cardboard helps to encourage airflow in the bin and worms need oxygen to live. The distinction between bedding and worm ‘food’ is that bedding is simply a longer term food source, so the combination of Airlite cardboard dust and Airlite chopped cardboard is ideal.

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Why Compost?