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Worried That Horse Keeping Hurts the Environment?


It’s natural for responsible horse owners to worry about the impact our horse keeping has on the environment.


Green Horse Brands is proud of products that support the health of the horse, their people and the planet. Our foundation product, dust-free Airlite bedding is a game-changer in the manure management component of environmentally friendly horse management.


Our Thymox all-natural disinfectant kills disease-spreading bacteria, viruses and mold spores without leaving toxic substances behind.


Airlite Dust-Free Bedding – Less is More


An average 1,000-pound horse produces approximately 31 pounds of poop every day, plus 2.4 gallons of urine. (It could be worse – elephants produce about 300 pounds of poop every day!)


And these numbers don’t include bedding that goes out with the manure and urine. Bedding can add 8 to 15 pounds of waste, per horse, per day, according to Penn State Extension.


That’s a lot of waste to haul away, with fuel consumption and cost escalating [ ]

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Dust-Free Bedding Helps Young Horsewoman Help Her Horse

Young rider Abby North finds dust-free bedding to help her horse


“Where are tomorrow’s true horsemen?” is a lament often uttered at horsey gatherings. Some worry that young people don’t take the care and knowledge part of horse ownership seriously.


Fourteen-year-old Abby North contradicts those concerns. She takes complete care of her 8-year-old Off The Track Thoroughbred, Raven, even when the going gets rough.


And the going got rough In November of 2023. That’s when Raven returned from a hunter/jumper competition with a virus. His stablemate, Abby’s mom’s horse, caught the virus, too, but recovered promptly.


Raven did not.


“He had a runny nose, very thick yellow discharge and he kept coughing when I rode him,” explains Abby. “I could ride him, but he just wasn’t himself.  Then he just spiraled.” The symptoms got worse as he sunk into pneumonia.


Raven is a normally energetic Thoroughbred who likes to work. “When he’s not happy, [ ]

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Equine Disease Prevention — What’s The Deal with Disinfectants?


COVID taught us the importance of doing everything possible to prevent the spread of contagious diseases.

Making sense of disinfectant claims can be confusing!

Along with that, advertising claims about cleaners, sanitizers and disinfectants spread as quickly as COVID.


COVID may be relatively under control now, but EHV-1, strangles and influenza are among the bacteria and virus-borne diseases we worry about for our horses and pets. Especially when traveling to shows and exhibitions where contact with other people, horses and animals is a risky reality.


Making sense of claims about what cleaners, sanitizers and disinfectant products actually do continues to be a challenge for us horse and pet owners.


Thankfully, the Environment Protection Agency has a helpful information. This includes what to look for in products for both effectiveness and safety for humans and animals. The EPA tests and regulates products that “sanitize” or “disinfect.”


Definitions and Distinctions



Per the EPA, “sanitize” means to “kill [ ]

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