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Cardboard animal bedding helps University of Auburn care for mares and their babies

A newborn delivered at University of Auburn starts life on Airlite bedding

Cardboard bedding made immediate sense to Aime K Johnson, DVM, DACT. She is an Associate Professor, Equine and Small Animal Theriogenology, at Auburn University’s College of Veterinary Medicine.


Theriogenology is the veterinary medicine specialty focused on animal reproduction, and Dr. Johnson works primarily with mares experiencing high-risk pregnancies. Her patients range from Warmbloods and Quarter Horses to Arabians and even Minis.


Placenta infections or separations and colics during gestation are some of the conditions pregnant mares are coping with when they arrive.


Whatever their health issues, a healthy, clean environment is a top priority at Auburn’s mare and foal care facility.  Conventional options of wood shavings and straw do not support that priority.


“I don’t like shavings because they get in the foal’s eyes and mouth and it’s dusty,” Dr. Johnson explains. “And straw does not provide good absorption. With straw, [ ]

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