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Cardboard bedding is best for Black Watch Stables’ breeding.

Casanova BWS, one of Black Watch’s award-winning babies! Photo by Kathy Swear Schultz


Cardboard bedding came to Kate Dressel’s attention by way of a disgustingly clogged air conditioner filter.


Kate’s warmblood breeding farm, Black Watch Stables, is in Danielsville, Georgia, where summer temperatures can top 100° with humidity kicking the heat index up to 115°. These temperatures can be difficult for keeping any horse hydrated.


For nursing mares and young foals, they can be catastrophic. 


Black Watch’s mares are the foundation upon which their operation is built, and their foals are its future. So, Kate does everything she can to keep them healthy, happy and comfortable. Experience showed that investing in heat and air conditioning for the stable was less expensive than vet bills incurred due to extreme temperatures.


Wood Shavings? No Good!


Wood shavings were Kate’s initial bedding choice when the stable was constructed. “But the dust was incredible,” she recalls. Mamas and [ ]

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