Airlite, the Healthiest Bedding for Foaling

Here is what Auburn University has to say about using Airlite for foaling.

“We used Airlite bedding exclusively for all of our foaling mares this past breeding season. Previously we had used straw or a combination of straw and shavings. We found the Airlite bedding far superior to either of these other types of bedding. The Airlite bedding did an excellent job at absorbing fluids especially around the time of foaling. The fluids associated with the birthing process can make the stall floor slippery for the foal’s first attempt to stand. The Airlite bedding did a spectacular job absorbing these fluids rapidly, thus making the stall floor safe for the foal.

Additionally, the Airlite was superior for foals who spend a lot of time laying on the bedding. It is less dusty and therefore better for young lungs, absorbs urine well, and does not cause harm to the foal’s eyes that can be a concern with standard shavings.

We were very happy with this product this year and will continue to use it for all our standard and high risk foaling mares and newborn foals.”








Aime Johnson, DVM, DACT

Associate Professor, Theriogenology (Reproduction)

Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine

1500 Wire Road

Auburn University, AL  36849


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