How Bad is Dust; Really? Sure you want your horses breathing it?

More about Dust

Do you know how harmful dust really is? Have you ever read or researched what dust can do to both humans and horses? AIRLITE™ is designed to eliminate dust and particles that are harmful and protect both the horse and rider.

Take a look below!  We hope you find this information useful!

Kentucky Equine Research Center Archives: Small Airway Disease & Equine Respiratory Health

“During competition, the horse’s lungs move over 2,250 liters of air per minute […]even a small increase in the amounts of mucus in the airways & minor degrees of airway thickening in the airway lining will adversely affect performance”.

PENN State-College of Agricultural Sciences Agricultural Research: Riding Arena Footing Materials Selection & Management – Page 8—-Dust Management

“Most arena, stall and barn environments are plagued with dust problems. Dust causes eye and nose irritations and contributes to respiratory damage in both horse and rider. It is estimated that an idle horse inhales 16 gallons of air per minute and during strenuous exercise can inhale up to 600 gallons per minute. Minimize the amount of dust in this area should be a primary goal…”

Bay Area Equestrian Network February 2007 via – Your Horse’s Health-Silicosis in Horses Veterinary Medicine with Matt Durham DVM

“Prevention of Silicosis requires limiting the amount of inhaled dust……..”

American Lung Association – Fighting for Air-Understanding Silicosis

“Silicosis is a chronic lung disease caused by breathing in tiny bits of silica dust. Silica is the second most common mineral in the earth’s crust. It is the major component of SAND, rock & mineral ores……..”

OSHA FACT Sheet-USA Governmental Agency – Crystalline Silica Exposure Health Hazard Information

“Crystalline silica has been classified as a human lung carcinogen. […] use all available work practices to control dust exposures…”


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